I’ve been thinking for a while that I’d like to begin writing a blog again, although I’ve been quite uncertain what it is I would write about. So tonight I took a fountain pen (that I’ve been meaning to start using regularly for some time now) and a notebook (that I’ve been meaning to write in for some time now) and wrote about why I was uncertain about blogging again.

And I think I gained a little bit of clarity through doing that. I’ve realized that part of the problem I’ve been struggling with is that when I think of blogging, it immediately calls up all of the shallower motivations for doing so. I picture myself facebooking and tweeting announcements about new blog posts (guess where I’m headed after finishing this?). Anticipating the supportive likes and comments on the posts (ego-much?). I admit that I’m shallow in this way, and I don’t like that about myself. I don’t want to fall into that check, check, check for new likes and comments. I really do hate that about myself. Still…

Another barrier to starting a new blog has been topics. The ones that come immediately to mind were fresh-ish when I had my old blog a few years ago, but now are worn-out tropes about the hollowness of the internet or the flood of digital images to name just two (ironic, no?). Along with the fact that some of the topics that are dear to me (committing to an art/photography practice that emphasizes the handmade object, slowing down the process, making real connections and having truly enlightening discussions and interactions) have been co-opted by others as “creeds” that are sacrosanct and validate their “authentic” way of life. I wish those people well, but I neither #believeinfilm, #buyfilmnotpixels, do #modernanalogue nor do I not believe or do those things. I just do what the heck I want to.

Having said all that, I don’t like the implicit negativity of these worn-out tropes and newly established creeds. Although sometimes (see above) there’s nothing like a good dose of schadenfreude or a good old rant and moan.

So I guess I’ll just start here, let things develop and see where it leads. For sure there will be some behinds-the-scenes at Studio Centralé, and I hope to engage in a dialogue with those of you who are interested in what we do.